Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association - "when I grow up"


Everyone would agree that the future lies with the young people of the world. What better way to demonstrate that then to offer post-secondary scholarships for families that need it most?  That's exactly what the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association was wanting to promote with this video.  They wanted to get the word out to the families all around Ontario that their children had an opportunity to receive this funding, but they wanted to speak to the kids, not at them... as is much more typical.  And they wanted the same video to hopefully grab the attention of would-be donators. The solution was to hear from the mouth of babes (and pre-teens, and teens) what they want to do when they grow up.  A simple value that resonates with everyone.  A dream we can all recall.  In an alternate dimension Filter Studios would have been replaced with an astronaut and a plumber.

We wanted to keep the piece light and fun and authentic.  That was really the biggest key.  Real people speaking their real feelings.  We talked to a few parents to hear their thoughts on the importance of a post-secondary education. And were happy to receive some great wisdom from one of the community's elders.  

It's always great to hear so many people speaking straight from the heart.  That's all you can really ask for as a storyteller.