Tilray - "Patient Story: Stephanie"


It's always amazing to us to see how welcoming people are.  How they so openly invite us into their homes and into their lives.  This seems especially the case when they are able to connect with the greater purpose behind telling their story.  It was no different with Stephanie and her family.  

Stephanie was diagnosed with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome at 4 years old.  "LGS" is a form of epilepsy that manifests in several different types of seizures and is typically accompanied with intellectual impairment.  Her mother, Jennifer, started documenting the seizures and figures Stephanie has suffered well over 10,000 episodes so far in her life.  They had run the gamut of available medications and we're at the point where the only options being offered were very extreme surgical interventions.  Then a doctor suggested medical marijuana.  Stephanie's mom took to baking brownies and giving her small daily doses.  Almost immediately there was a huge change.  Instead of having dozens of seizures a day, she was having around 12 a month.  They put away the wheelchair and started gaining confidence in Stephanie's mobility again.  

Stephanie is now in her early 20's and manages to live a very full life.  A complete transformation from a few years previous.

These stories are astonishingly powerful and moving.  To see how much one simple medicine can completely change people's lives, entire families lives, is awe inspiring. But there are still so many stigmas out there attached to marijuana.  Our hope is that by sharing these stories, by showing how positively this drug is affecting people, that those stigmas will begin to dissolve and this important medicine will get into the hands of those that need it most.