tilray - "executive story: Philippe lucas"


Tilray came to us with a goal to connect their customers with the people behind the brand, to tell their stories.  Philippe Lucas is the Vice President of Patient Research & Advocacy for Tilray.  One of his focuses there is to develop and implement their clinical and observational studies.  He also oversees the Customer Service Centre, which puts him on the frontline, working with and for patients, something he is very used to.  Born out of a need to treat his own illness, Philippe co-founded the Vancouver island Compassion Society in 1999.  Being an advocate is his life's passion.  

Our goal with these pieces was to go further than who these people are and what they do at work.  We wanted to know the why's.  "Why is this what you want to do with your life?", "What does this mean to you?".  

 The greatest strength of story is connecting people.  And humanizing a name is a great way for a brand to connect with it's audience.   We love to tell stories like these.