Tilray - "Patient Story: Braydon"


It's always a moving experience to meet kids that are struggling with medical situations in their lives.  Braydon has been battling with paediatric epilepsy since not long after he was born.  The doctor's have tried to tackle his issues with all sort of medications over the years, and like many people that live on a regiment of pharmaceuticals, the side effects become a huge issue to contend with.  Braydon's mom, Tasha, had been hearing from other parents of epileptic children that they were finding great relief with medicinal cannabis.  After some trials and challenges, she was finally able to get this medicine for little Braydon.  Immediately things started to improve.  Health Canada has finally allowed extracts on the market, which is making cannabis more accessible and easier to dose accurately.  

The medical benefits that cannabis can provide to those suffering from epilepsy is being much talked about these days.  People all over the world are saying the same thing... that it's completely changing their lives for the better and giving their children not only respite from their illness, but completely improving their quality of life.  It was great to see Braydon running around in the park, but one of the greatest moments on the shoot was when Braydon's mom realized it was the first time he had ever gone swimming unassisted.