Concept Photography - "Lance Sullivan: The Daydreamer"


Lance.  Lance Sullivan.  Mr. Lance Sullivan.  Such a character.  This is one of our older videos, but funny enough, it still comes up regularly in new client meetings.  Lance's business philosophy all comes down to personality.  From his perspective, being a good photographer is a prerequisite of running a successful business as a photographer.  It's a baseline.  In other words, it's not something you need to brag about or really even talk about in your marketing.  Who you are and how you work with your clients; the service that you give people... that's what matters.  So we basically just stepped back and let him go.  We sat him down in his own studio, popped a few Coronas and let the Lance shine through!  I think the raw interview was somewhere in the neighbourhood of 80 or 90 minutes, knowing perfectly well it would be cut down to less than 4 minutes.  Visually, we connected by showing him doing the things he loves: whipping his mountain bike around the trails, cruising on his Harley, and spending time with his daughter.  Not much else to say really.  Except... THE BACHELOR & THE BACHELORETTE!!!!????!!!!  Really Lance?