Share Vancouver Island - 30 second TV Spot


The clients on this project came to us wanting to do something a little out of the norm.  They wanted to speak directly to visitors coming to Vancouver Island that have a love for the outdoors, but really didn't have a strong direction beyond that.  There was some creative room in this project, which is what we always love.  After an intense session on the whiteboard, we knew that we didn't want to use words.  Words never seem to speak justice to what these outdoor experiences are like, so let's let the natural sounds do the talking. We ended up shooting about a dozen different locations over a few weeks and our goal at each one was to let the location speak for it's self as much as possible.  We knew they'd be quick shots, so they had to read well.  

Our production assistant Raymond, came along for most of the journey and put together this behind-the-scenes to give a bit more insight.