Tilray - "Patient One: Maria"


This story is the one that sealed the deal for us.  The one that reminded us how great it feels to dig in to someone's personal story and to share that story knowing that it's going to help others.  

Meet Maria.  Tilray's Patient #0001, their first official patient.  We first met Maria when we were asked to shoot her going on a tour of the facility as part of Tilray's official grand opening ceremonies.  From the get-go she seemed very down-to-earth and was clearly seeking real medication to help her with real problems.  Maria had suffered a severe hand injury in the line of duty and had been prescribed opiates to help manage the pain.  Opiates come with a long list of side effects, most of which had shown themselves to Maria.  Some had taken over her life.  She was seeking relief from the symptoms of the intense medication and hopefully relief from the symptoms caused by the original injury as well.  

We went to Maria's house to film her receiving the first official order and capture her taking her first dose.  What in incredibly intense experience.  Real changes started happening within minutes.  We were completely shocked.  We'd heard of people finding relief with medical cannabis but had no idea it would be this instant.  Seeing Lloyd, Maria's husband, react to the changes she was feeling was a moment we won't ever forget.  Incredibly touching and inspiring.

As you'll see throughout our portfolio, fighting the stigmas that come with medical cannabis, medical marijuana... whatever you choose to call it, has become a bit of a passion for us.  We've seen it first hand.  We've talked to many people.  We've seen the tears well up in their eyes when they recount those first moments of relief.  We've heard their voices crack as they talk about their struggles to get the medical system to take them seriously.  It's great to see that the system in Canada is slowly changing, but there's still a long way to go.

This is the kind of work that speaks to us more than anything.  Work that has a chance to make a difference in the world, or even in one person's life.  This is the power of storytelling.