- Campaign 

Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. This is where we call home. We're proud of our little city, but it's certainly had some struggles with imaging over the years.  So we got excited to tell some of our cities stories when we were approached by this client.  They knew they wanted something different.  They were frustrated with what they were seeing other tourism boards doing for the area.  It wasn't connecting with them and they felt like they had a better approach in mind.  The idea was to create a series of short stories about people from all walks of life.  Find out what they love about Nanaimo.  What keeps them here.  How they've been able to grow their business.  Why others might find their own successes here.  For us, this was right up our alley.  A chance to tell personal stories.  To create a bond between character and audience.  This is our wheelhouse!  

The pieces were to be short and we knew the visuals would focus on our interview subject so we decided on a audio-only, faceless interviews.  We slowed things down a bit by shooting at sixty frames per second to give a bit of a surrealistic feel and help draw the viewers in.