SeaLegacy - The Salish Sea: A Legacy Moment


The 60 second trailer that went out on social media channels to raise awareness and build up some hype around the release of the short film.

This project is the kind that speaks to us.  Deeply.  It's story driven.  It's about our natural world. It has a mission. Can it get better than that? 

SeaLegacy had come to us with a specific need.  The needed petition signatures.  They were working with another group that brought forward an application to have The Salish Sea recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  They wanted a video to get the word out, explain exactly what The Salish Sea is and why the WHS designation would matter and more importantly move the audience to share the story and sign the petition.  The big snaggle was that we would only have about 3 weeks of run time on the campaign before the petition closed.

We immediately took to finding our characters.  We knew we needed a voice for the project that could give us the "meat & potatoes", that was a given.  We knew we'd interview Paul & Cristina, the world-renowned National Geographic photographers that co-founded SeaLegacy.  But we wanted to go beyond the obvious.  We needed to find some "heart".  Some perspectives with which to see how people relate to The Salish Sea on a daily basis.  We won't give anything away... but we found some gooders!

In the end this was an incredibly affective and effective campaign.  We got lots of anecdotal feedback from viewers.  It was teaching them things and it was inspiring them.  On a more measurable level, the initial goal was an ambitious 10,000 signatures.  Even with our compressed timeline we managed to get just over 15,000 signatures and 100's of personal letters of support, something we are very proud of.