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The power of cinematic storytelling in marketing is the power to relate to individuals in ways that text and imagery can't achieve on their own, the power to create something that inspires people to connect, share and grow in new ways.

Filter Studios is a filmmaking and production company, owned and operated by Jesse Bone and Tash Baycroft, specializing in cinematic storytelling for the web. Where many video companies are focused on producing segments with direct advertising and talking heads, Filter Studios is committed to telling emotional stories that connect with customers on a deeper level.

challenge // this client was about to undergo a bit of an imaging transformation and branding upgrade and wanted a way to connect with the families that hire them to facilitate interventions with their addicted loved ones.

challenge // Seton wanted to break out in their sector by creating content that was a bit outside of the norm

challenge // Robert Land Academy wanted to use video to overcome issues with imaging that they were having. They wanted to make sure that they would stir an interest amongst prospective students.

challenge // create a short promo piece for a photographer that focuses on his personality, rather than his work

challenge // develop a series of short vignettes that celebrate living on the rugged west coast of vancouver island

250-585-8229   //   info@filterstudios.ca   //   twitter   //   facebook

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